Stem Cell Environment and Skeletal Muscle Homeostasis

In January 2022, Rémi Mounier opened is own team at Institut NeuroMyoGène - Physiopathologie et Genétique du Neurone et du Muscle.
Until the team opens his own website, here is the page of Mounier team

Cell- and non-cell- autonomous regulations of metabolism on muscle stem cell fate and skeletal muscle homeostasis
Mechanisms controlling muscle stem cell fate are not fully known and account for both autonomous and non-autonomous regulations. Our research highlighted intracellular crosstalk between metabolism and inflammation during muscle regeneration. Identifying whether metabolism regulates muscle stem cell fate in a cell autonomous and a non-autonomous way is of importance in the understanding of muscle homeostasis. In this context, we decipher the role of metabolism on muscle stem cells by investigating metabolic regulations of their fate, particularly the role of AMPK and the metabolic characteristics of muscle stem cells. The goal of our program is to determine the dynamic interactions between metabolism and muscle stem cell fate during muscle plasticity and return to homeostasis.

Rémi Mounier
Name: Mounier
First name: Rémi
@RemiRmounier Education: PhD in Biology-Physiology
Position: Team leader
Project: Role of energy sensors in muscle plasticity
Bench revolution: A robot like in IRONMAN i.e. rapid, accurate, efficient, skilful and cleaver
Muscle homeostasis maintenance: Kilometers, kilometers and kilometers again
Favorite saying: Et tu veux une médaille ? (And you want a medal?)

Anita Kneppers
Name: Kneppers
First Name: Anita
Education: PhD in skeletal muscle physiology and pathology
Position: Post-doc
Project: Metabolic regulation of skeletal muscle plasticity
Bench revolution: A ‘flag’ to distinguish the origin of signals coming from muscle fibers versus satellite cells
Muscle homeostasis maintenance: Cycling to the lab
Favorite saying: Je m'excuse, je ne parle pas français (Sorry, I do not speak French)

Hà My Lý
Name: Lý
First Name: Hà My
Education: BSc in Medical biotechnology
Position: PhD student, in collaboration with Julien Courchet's lab, INMG
Project: Role of AMPK-related kinases in myogenesis
Bench revolution: Satellite cells on muscle fiber staining show a stunning image under the microscope
Muscle homeostasis maintenance: Eat Pasta – Run Fasta
Favorite saying: Que sera, sera (whatever will be, will be)

Lola Lessard
Name: Lessard
First Name: Lola
Education: Master degree in Neuromuscular physiology and disorders, neurology resident
Position: PhD student
Project: Genetic and metabolic alterations of myogenesis in inflammatory myopathies
Bench revolution: 100% transfectable cells
Muscle homeostasis maintenance: No need for cardio, I'm already running late
Favorite saying: Impressionnant ! (impressive!)

Sabrina Ben Larbi
Name: Ben Larbi
First Name: Sabrina
Education: BSc in Biotechnology
Position: Research Technician
Bench revolution: Mouse genotyping by hair: WT=blue, KO=yellow, heterozygous=green... bye-bye PCR
Muscle homeostasis maintenance: Dance, run after mice, aperitif
Favorite saying: Oups... (Oops...)

Carole Dabadie
Name: Dabadie
First Name: Carole
Education: Master degree in Aging Biology
Position: Pre-PhD intern
Bench revolution: A live camera to see muscle-derived metabolites upon contraction
Muscle homeostasis maintenance: Walking fast throughout the lab from one corridor to another
Favorite saying: Rooo (or any grumpy word/noice)

Audrey Saugues
Name: Saugues
First Name: Audrey
Education: Master in Molecular and Cellular Biology
Position: Master 2 intern
Bench revolution: A robot for musle section cutting, avoiding frozen hands
Muscle homeostasis maintenance: Beer, friends, music
Favorite saying: oui (yes)


PhD students

  • Thibaut Desgeorges
    Thibaut Desgeorges
    "Crosstalk of Glucocorticoid Receptor and AMP-activated protein kinase in macrophages during skeletal muscle regeneration" (2015-2019),
    then post-doc in K. De Bock lab (Zurich, Switzerland)
  • Jessica Bouviere
    Jessica Bouviere
    "Roles of selenoprotein P and glutathion peroxidase 3 in macrophage phenotype during skeletal muscle regeneration" (2016-2019),
    then post-doc in I. Lossos lab (Miami, USA)
  • Linda Gsaier
    Linda Gsaier
    "Role of cell-autonomous regulation of metabolism on muscle stem cell fate and skeletal muscle homeostasis" (2015-2018)
  • Emmeran Le Moal
    Emmeran Le Moal
    "Oxidative stress and muscle regeneration" (2013-2016),
    then post-doc in F. Bentzinger lab (Sherbrooke, Canada)
  • Miniature Marine Theret
    Marine Théret
    "Role of AMPK in skeletal muscle homeostasis" (2011-2015),
    then post-doc in F. Rossi lab (Vancouver, Canada)


  • Audrey Saugues (Master 1) (2021)
  • Carole Dabadie (Master 2) (2021)
  • Cloé Paret (Master 1) (2021)
  • Adèle Kalfon (BSc) (2021)
  • Hà My Lý (Master 1) (2019) (Collaboration with Julien Courchet's lab, INMG)
  • Louise Fairey (Master ) (2019) (Collaboration with Julien Courchet's lab, INMG)
  • Linda Gsaier (Master 2) (2015)
  • Thibaut Desgeorges (Master 2) (2015)
  • Elsy Ondo-Minkue (Master 2) (2014)
  • Sabrina Mohamed (Master 2) (2013)
  • Diaminatou Touré (Master 1) (2013)
  • Paul Bardot (BSc) (2012)
  • Diane Paul (Master 1) (2010)
  • Estelle Bastien (BTEC) (2009, 2010)