Stem Cell Environment and Skeletal Muscle Homeostasis

Bénédicte Chazaud
Name: Chazaud
First name: Bénédicte
Education: PhD in Cell Biology
Position: PI - Director of research - Team leader
Bench revolution: Macrophages that switch color depending on their inflammatory state
Muscle homeostasis maintenance: With beer…
Favorite saying: Whatever !!

Guy Mouchiroud
Name: Mouchiroud
First Name: Guy
Education: PhD in Biology
Position: PI - Director of research
Project: Myeloid cells in skeletal muscle homeostasis
Bench revolution: In vitro 3D models for studying satellite cell niche
Muscle homeostasis maintenance: By autosuggestion
Favorite saying: Why not?

Rémi Mounier
Name: Mounier
First name: Rémi
Education: PhD in Biology-Physiology
Position: PI - Researcher - Deputy group leader
Project: Role of energy sensors in muscle plasticity
Bench revolution: A robot like in IRONMAN i.e. rapid, accurate, efficient, skilful and cleaver
Muscle homeostasis maintenance: Kilometers, kilometers and kilometers again
Favorite saying: And you want a medal?

Julien Gondin
Name: Gondin
Firstname : Julien
Education: PhD in Physiology
Position: PI - Researcher
Project: Neuromuscular electrical stimulation and cachexia
Bench revolution: An electrical stimulator eliciting strong, non-fatiguing and painless muscle contractions
Muscle homeostasis maintenance: Running and drinking wine from Burgundy (Of course!)
Favorite saying: Are you sure?

Gaëtan Juban
Name: Juban
First Name: Gaëtan
Education: PhD in Molecular and Cellular Biology
Position: Post-doc
Project: Inflammation and muscular dystrophies
Bench revolution: Single cell Transcription Factor ChIP-Sequencing
Muscle homeostasis maintenance: Watching sport on TV
Favorite saying: That’s not too bad

Aurélie Trignol
Name: Trignol
First Name: Aurélie
Education: MD
Position: PhD student
Project: Role of extracellular matrix in skeletal muscle homeostasis
Bench revolution: Nice GAGs which want to stay inside my scaffolds
Muscle homeostasis maintenance: Ballet class again and again
Favorite saying: Who knows...

Thibaut Desgeorges
Name: Desgeorges
First Name: Thibaut
Education: Master degree in skeletal muscle physiology and pathologies
Position: PhD student
Project: Molecular regulation of macrophage inflammatory state
Bench revolution: Macrophages capable of counting themselves according to their inflammatory profile
Muscle homeostasis maintenance: By going back and forth in the lab corridor
Favorite saying: Very well !!!

Linda Gsaier
Name: Gsaier
First Name: Linda
Education: Master degree in skeletal muscle physiology and pathologies
Position: PhD student
Project: Role of cell-autonomous regulation of metabolism on muscle stem cell fate and skeletal muscle homeostasis
Bench revolution: Myoblasts which stop proliferating during weekends and holidays
Muscle homeostasis maintenance: Too much shopping in high heels
Favorite saying: Oh my God...

Jessica Bouviere
Name: Bouviere
First name: Jessica
Education: Master degree in Human nutrition - Skeletal muscle physiology
Position: PhD student
Project: Role of macrophage-secreted molecules in myogenesis
Bench revolution: Macrophages that display their secreted molecules
Muscle homeostasis maintenance: Kilometers, cheese and wine
Favorite saying: This is wonderful!

Jimmy Massenet
Name: Massenet
Firstname : Jimmy
Education: Master degree in Genetics and Physiology
Position: PhD student
Project: Epigenetics and muscle stem cells
Bench revolution: Software to simulate stem cell behavior
Muscle homeostasis maintenance: With dumbbells
Favorite saying: No pain, no gain

Sophie Liot
Name: Liot
First name: Sophie
Education: Master degree in Biosciences, ENS
Position: Predoc student
Project: Role of vascular cells in degenerative muscular diseases
Bench revolution: Warrior endothelial cells extracting by themselves and tolerating 20 passages
Muscle homeostasis maintenance: Dancing all night
Favourite saying: Should be fine!

Anré Minari
Name: Minari
Firstname : André
Education: Master degree in health sciences
Position: Visiting PhD student (Universidade Federal de São Paulo, Brazil)
Project: Macrophages in skeletal muscle after exercise-induced damage
Bench revolution: Do two things at once
Muscle homeostasis maintenance: With coffee
Favorite saying: What?

Michèle Weiss-Gayet
Name: Weiss-Gayet
First Name: Michèle
Education: PhD in Biology
Position: Engineer
Bench revolution: Cells that exhibit directly their phenotype avoiding cell sorting!
Muscle homeostasis maintenance: With friends and beer….
Favorite saying: For sure!!

Michèle Weiss-Gayet
Del Carmine
First Name: Peggy
Education: DESS
Position: Engineer
Bench revolution: Mice that could say if they feel better after exercice
Muscle homeostasis maintenance: The best way to start a day: coffee and croissants
Favorite saying: In fact

Sabrina Ben Larbi
Name: Ben Larbi
First Name: Sabrina
Education: BSc in Biotechnology
Position: Research Technician
Bench revolution: Mouse genotyping by hair: WT=blue, KO=yellow, heterozygous=green... bye-bye PCR
Muscle homeostasis maintenance: Dance, run after mice, aperitif
Favorite saying: Oops…

Camille Boisson
Name: Boisson
First Name: Camille
Education: Master degree in physiology
Position: Master Student
Bench revolution:
Muscle homeostasis maintenance: With tea or Mojito
Favorite saying: Eh ?