Stem Cell Environment and Skeletal Muscle Homeostasis

November 2021

Four prizes for the lab at the annual days of the French Society of Myology!
Congratulations to Anita, Charline, Georgiana and Laure!

Lab members are winners of the music blind contest at the gala diner!
Useful to spend hours counting muscle cells while listening music...

October 2021

Two prizes for the lab at the annual day of the doctoral school!
Congratulations to Aliki and Georgiana!

September 2021

Never let results in a drawer...
Nice work by Marielle and Gaëtan published in J Cell Sci!

July 2021

Hiking in Vercors

June 2021

December 2020

Buzy December: 3 thesis defenses! Congratulations to Joseph, Laure and Jimmy!

September 2020

Guy's farewell: thank you Guy for the journey together, and for everything you have brought to the team. Happy retirement!

July 2020

Mini-golf challenge

PIs on the podium: not longer at the bench, but still hand skilled!!

Hiking in Petit Som, Chartreuse

June 2020

Two PhD positions open in the lab, for a start October 1rst 2020

PhD position to study the role of macrophages in degenerative myopathies and fibrosis.

PhD position to study the sex differences in the cellular mechanisms involved in skeletal muscle repair.

March 2020

Time for remote working...
Take care!

February 2020

Gaetan and Rémi's work in collaboration with Mauro Perretti's lab in London is published in J Clin Invest.

AnnexinA1 is an upstream signaling pathway of AMPK activation in macrophages during skeletal muscle regeneration
-> JCI link

January 2020

Two MSCA individual fellowships for the lab!!

Anita for a program on metabolism and muscle stem cell fate.

Alessandra Costa for a program on extracellular matrix and muscle dystrophies.
Welcome in 2021 Alessandra!

December 2019

Human myotubes are always beautiful!

Champagne for the paper of Gaetan and Rémi accepted in JCI!

November 2019

Anita receives the NUTRIM Thesis Prize for her thesis at Maastricht University!


October 2019

Laure and Cécile's farewell.

They go back to the clinics but we keep in touch for the investigation of myositis!

September 2019

Jessica's PhD defense.

A France-Brazil celebration!


July 2019

Picnic in Parc de la tête d'Or before a well-deserved break.

July 2019

Hiking in Chartreuse with our guests, the Jyoti's family.

The lab on/at the top!

The view

June 2019

GRC 2019 Myogenesis in Il Ciocco, Barga, Italy, chaired by Bénédicte.

May 2019

Thibaut's PhD defense.

Left picture: one minute before starting...

Right picture: 30 min after finishing...


February 2019

Jessica's abstract was selected for a short talk at the Keystone meeting on regulation of inflammation! Congrats!

December 2018

Celebration of our two last papers!

November 2018

Gaetan and Marielle's paper is out in Cell Report!
Cell Rep link

Congratulations to Rémi for his prestigious Bronze medal of CNRS that honors talented young researchers!