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JFSM 2021

Three prizes for the lab at the annual days of the French Society of Myology! Congratulations to Charline, Georgiana and Laure!

Lab members are winners of the music blind contest at the gala diner! Useful to spend hours counting muscle cells while listening music…


Two prizes for the lab at the annual day of the doctoral school!
Congratulations to Aliki and Georgiana!

J Cell Science

Never let results in a drawer…
Nice work by Marielle and Gaëtan published in J Cell Sci!

Buzy December

3 thesis defenses! Congratulations to Joseph, Laure and Jimmy!

Guy’s farewell

Thank you Guy for the journey together, and for everything you have brought to the team. Happy retirement!

Mini-golf challenge

PIs on the podium: not longer at the bench, but still hand skilled!!