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Collaboration with Mauro Perretti’s lab in London. -> JCI link

Champagne to celebrate this nice paper!


Two MSCA individual fellowships for the lab!!
Anita for a program on metabolism and muscle stem cell fate.
Alessandra Costa for a program on extracellular matrix and muscle dystrophies. Welcome in 2021 Alessandra!

NUTRIM Thesis Prize

Anita receives the NUTRIM Thesis Prize for her thesis at Maastricht University!


Picnic in Parc de la tête d’Or before a well-deserved break.

Hiking in Chartreuse

Hiking in Chartreuse with our guests, the Jyoti’s family.
The lab on/at the top!

GRC 2019

GRC 2019 Myogenesis in Il Ciocco, Barga, Italy, chaired by Bénédicte.